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We Serve Veterans as Grateful Americans through Fundraising

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide resources that support programs aimed at ending Veteran homelessness and suicides, while combating the invisible wounds of war such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). According to the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA), we lose 20+ Veterans a day to suicide. The Veterans Health Administration estimates that number to be at least double (44). We must support our Veterans suffering from PTSD to end these tragic losses of life.

Our History

Grateful Americans Charity began in 2016 with a group of like-minded individuals and companies coming together to raise awareness and provide resources to help Veterans suffering from PTSD. We started with 2 events in Houston a year and have grown to 5 events a year nationally, with more on the way.

Since 2016, we have donated over $2.3 million dollars to benefit the PTSD Foundation of and its dedicated interim housing and counseling facility known as Camp Hope in Houston, Texas. The program at Camp Hope is designed for combat Veterans that have found themselves in crisis and are asking for help. After months of support and brotherhood from other combat Veterans, these heroes find ways to cope and heal. They also bring the Veteran’s family into a positive, healing environment; providing resources and programs for their healing as well.

Grateful Americans Charity embraces Veterans and their families as they seek the rewarding and fulfilling lives they so richly deserve.

GAC Today

The Grateful Americans Charity supporters and volunteers come together throughout the year to raise awareness and funds for Veteran programs like the PTSD Foundation of America and its Camp Hope facility. We are headquartered in Houston, Texas with fundraising events coast-to-coast. Individuals and companies join us at these events to show their support for programs that help change the trajectory of their lives, and transforming them into thriving and productive members of society. We believe that with your support, and of others like you, we can end Veteran homelessness and suicide and stand with those that have served our country.

How Does Giving Help?

Young men and women return home and are forced to adapt back into society after experiencing major trauma. Many Veterans do not have the support or help they need to understand the aftereffects of what they have been through. This is not acceptable.

Through Grateful Americans Charity’s fundraising events we are able to provide resources for the important work that the PTSD Foundation of American does every day to save Veteran lives. Currently, the Foundation has 14 chapters across the country that host over 200 weekly Warrior Group meetings along with 45 Family Groups, providing both individual and group counseling for Veterans and their families. These meetings are often the turning point to setting the Veteran and their family on the road to success.

The programs at the PTSD Foundation of America have helped hundreds of Veterans and their families over the last 10 years. The PTSD Foundation of America and Camp Hope, have facilitated over 350 group sessions with 4,321 attendees to date and provided over 3,000 in-person individual support meetings just in the past year alone. More than 1,800 combat Veterans in the last 10 years have found a renewed purpose, earned college degrees, found employment, became financially independent, reunified with their families, and reintegrated back into society thanks to this wonderful organization.

Is There Still A Need?

More than ever! Imagine the feeling of experiencing homelessness, depression and contemplating suicide after serving your country, the thought is heart wrenching. We know over 20+ Veterans and active Military end their lives every single day after serving our country and we are aware the VA works to support Veterans but it is often not enough to meet the level of care so many of them need. The programs provided by the PTSD Foundation of America and its Camp Hope remain free to combat Veterans and their families, so they can focus solely on their recovery. This is why Grateful Americans Charity was established.

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Our Valued Sponsors

Combat Veteran Crisis Line: 877-717-PTSD (7873)