Thank you for your interest in GAC and your ongoing commitment to serving Veterans everywhere.

Volunteer or Host A Fundraiser

Grateful Americans Charity Volunteers give of themselves with selfless dedication and unmatched commitment to help our veterans. If you are interested in lending your time and compassion, please sign up. There are many ways to participate and share in the GAC mission. As we continue to grow, members have entered into a new chapter of hosting individual fundraisers to support GAC. If you are interested in this option and requesting authorization, please contact us through the weblink.

Host a Facebook Fundraiser

Raise funds through your Facebook for your birthday or just because. Money raised will be deposited in Your Bank Account (not considered a 501c3 option). Share your request or plea with Friends, Family and Contacts for support.  Start Fundraising Today with Facebook's quick and Easy Setup. When your done, contribute to Grateful Americans Charity. 

Fundraising is Fun and Rewarding

Coming together as a family, coworkers or friends to raise money for a great cause can be a great deal of fun and very rewarding.  Put you creative talents to work to make items to sell, host a lemonade stand or create a friendly challenge like "Best Bartender" to fund raise.  You'll have a great time and you'll be supporting our veterans when you donate to Grateful Americans Charity.   

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