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2020 Advisory Board Members

The Grateful Americans Charity Advisory Board is a diverse group of industry leaders, entrepreneurs and philanthropists from across the nation.  We are proud of the team that has come together to provide resources that support programs that raise awareness of issues facing our Veterans and to provide housing and counseling solutions for them.  The voluntary positions have terms of one or two years.

  • Blake Barnes
  • Abe Garza
  • Dan Kenny
  • David Lindley
  • Todd Weaver
  • Michelle Bridges-Pahl
  • Jimmy Wright
  • Bob Michaelis
  • Jordon Emmott
  • Les Bird
  • Scott Suttle
  • Cynthia Kimaz
  • Charles Kimaz
  • Michael Kimaz
  • Kirk Sager
  • Emily Bannwarth
  • Angelique Prieto
  • Olga Martinelli Simon
  • Michelle Estrellado
  • Tyrone Avendano
  • Brian Benbow
  • Atoosa Ring
  • Diana Donovan
  • Jennifer Benbow
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